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Answering Job Interview Questions

I’m sure you’ve answered a lot of questions at this point in your life, but did you know there is a particular technique to how you’re supposed to answer them for a job interview? I know! As if life wasn’t confusing enough. If you are thinking that employers are looking for the first answer that comes to mind, then you’ve certainly got something else to learn. Employers ask about how well you will fit their company on job interviews, which function to let them know how you will handle work specific situations, not just giving your opinion on how you would react in a particular moment, so let’s go over the kinds of answers you should give for certain questions.

A frequently asked question by employers is “Why should I hire you?” An employer is expecting to hear that you are the best person for that particular job; however, the interview is a great place to explain passionately some examples of why that is true. This is where your potential employer wants to see your enthusiasm for the job and to hear the qualities that you possess that will bring strength to the particular position you are applying for. Do not provide general examples, but attempt to provide the interviewer with specific examples as to what you will bring to the work place.

Another frequently asked question is “Tell me about yourself.” This question is actually tailored to determine what kind of preparation you have put into your education or experience that has prepared you for the job you are interviewing for. Employers want you to provide them with a quick idea of the work you have put into preparation for a job, and you should answer expecting to talk about how your personality and your skills make you an ideal candidate. Prepare for this question by writing down some of those traits about yourself.

The last of the top three, job interviewers will ask you “What can you see yourself doing in 5 years?” or something similar to this. What your potential employer means by asking this question is how long you see yourself working with their company. While generally speaking, having goals in our life are really good, your job interviewer really only wants to know about how long you will stay with their company. If you start talking about how eventually you want to own your own business or want to relocate somewhere else, you can look forward to not hearing back from this position. Potential employers want to know that they will be keeping you for the long haul.

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