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Preparation About Job Interview

The first rule when preparing for your job interview is to make sure you are dressed to impress. Regardless of the type of work you are applying for, most employers want you to dress in business casual clothing that is ironed and clean. You should always shower before you get dressed, and avoid putting on perfume or cologne as it can be overwhelming. For men, you should wear black pants with black shoes, and to be safe, wear a white or blue shirt with a tie. Never wear ties that are too loud or flamboyant – this is a professional setting. For women, wear Earth toned colors in either a pants or skirt suit, with a blouse. Do not wear clothes that are too sexy, maintain professionalism at all times.

The second rule for preparing for your job interview is never to bring a generic resume to your potential employer. Always tailor your resume to the particular skills of the position, avoid cliché phrases, and always include a cover letter, even if you’re in person. This is important because you want to show that you have put the time into applying for that particular position and that you have not cranked out carbon copy resumes for each position you are applying for. Interviewers and employers can always tell when people do this because the objective is not particular to the job, and the cover letter is very generic and written to “To Whom It May Concern”.

The third rule for preparing for your job interview is to be yourself. Many people try to be too stiff in their presentation and do now allow their natural personality to show. It is important to present your natural personality to your employer in a professional way because employers are looking to hire people who are a match for that company. How will they know you are a match for them if they can tell that you are not being yourself? Showing who you really are is usually the best way to approach any situation, so be confident in your skills and abilities and shine.

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